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The Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice and is governed by its own set of Rules which come from the Courts of Justice Act. 

In Small Claims Court, the Rules can be quite complex, our expertise will take you through the process step by step. The limit (either if you are suing or being sued) is $35,000.00,  however on top of that you can claim your costs and interest; at the end, your judgment can be substantially more.

Even if you have a claim for an amount more than the $35,000 limit, it may make sense to go through Small Claims Court; this is done by effectively, simply, claiming just 35k (plus their costs and interest).  The reason for doing this is largely due to the legal costs of taking claims above the 35k limit to the higher level of court.

In Small Claims Court, with our legal representation, one can resolve their law suit claim for far less than you could by taking it to a higher court, and the added benefit of suing in Small Claims Court is that matters are usually resolved relatively more quickly.

The legal rules and timelines can be very daunting, not to mention extremely time consuming. Small Claims Court has its own Rules and Regulations and with one misstep, you can damage your case or have it thrown out.