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Human Rights in Ontario

"Inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of  the human family"

The Human Rights Code provides for equal and inalienable rights without discrimination to create a climate of understanding and mutual respect.
Did you know there are strict time limits placed upon applications made to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario? An employee who wishes to make a complaint against an employer or another social area must file an application within 1 year of the alleged discrimination/harassment.

There are 16 grounds that are protected under the Human Rights Code, including disability, injury, race, age, gender and sexual orientation. Discrimination can happen even before the employment relationship begins if it can be proven that the employer based his decision on one of the protected grounds.

Some Features of the Human Rights Code include:

Discrimination in employment
Effect of an employers actions
Provides for civil remedies (loss of wages, dignity, and self worth)
Applies to every stage of employment

The Ontario Human Rights Code is a provincial law that gives everybody equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in specific social areas such as jobs, housing, services, facilities, and contracts or agreements.
Not all unfair treatment and not all harassment is covered by the Code. The treatment or harassment must be based on at least one Code ground and take place within a social area to be protected. 
The Code prohibits actions that discriminate against people based on a protected ground  in a protected social area.

Protected grounds are:

Ancestry, colour, race
Ethnic origin
Place of origin
Family status
Marital status (including single status)
Gender identity, gender expression
Receipt of public assistance (in housing only)
Record of offences (in employment only)
Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
Sexual orientation.

Protected social areas are:

Accommodation (housing)
Goods, services and facilities
Membership in unions, trade or professional associations.

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